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21 Questions (Influenced by Prince Ea’s “Why” Remix!) December 5, 2009

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1. Why do they monopolize our minds, all to get rich?
2. Why do record companies say you hot, but they won’t sign you?
3. Why they want a commercial n*gga with gold diamonds and leave you underground to die like coal miners?
4. Why the FEDs keep raising the interest rates?
5. Why does out government have to take our freedoms away just to keep us safe?
6. Why is the truth minimized?
7. Why they call it collateral damage when statistically it’s genocide?
8. Why we gotta rape cities?
9. Why did Bush knock down the towers? And why his grandfather Prescott bring Hitler to power?
10. Why didn’t Ron Paul win the election?
11. Why is the wealthiest country in recession?
12. Why is an American child aborted every 20 seconds?
13. Why u act like u ballin’ for, when everybody knows u hardly score like Charlie Ward?
14. Why we won’t exercise our right to vote?
15. Why do songs degrade women, the ones they like the most?
16. Why they don’t tell us DCA is the cure for cancer?
17. Why would they rather see us in handcuffs?
18. Why are most ghetto families in shambles, because socio-economics has nothing to do with food stamps and pampers?
19. Why does Rupert Murdock own half of the stations, half of the newspapers, half of the nation?
20. Why is it 2009 and you’ve got racist beliefs, don’t u realize genetically we’re all the same species?
21. Why is 500 grams of coke equal to 5 grams of crack?

Written by Ericka. Leave your comments below!



1. ToSence - December 23, 2009

very good questions!

Track is ridiculous too, one of the best on that mixtape Prince.. The People need another mixtape!
Mad Respects

2. James - December 23, 2009

Lol at the end of it i wonder howmany people realized you quoted the Daila Lama

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