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Hollow Cost- Adil Omar x Just 1 x Prince Ea January 18, 2010

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Really dope track from the “Conspiracy of the Mind” album.

“They want to put them chips in your brain cousin, now thats change you can believe in and be enslaved under”

“It’s very common knowledge that politicians are deceiving, re-trace that etymology and you will see it. Politics. The prefix ‘poly’ meaning many, ‘tics’ meaning blood-sucking creatures’

I know there hasn’t been many blogs posted recently, but there will be soon!
Stay tuned to this!



1. Eric - February 9, 2010

Great song as always. I really liked how you all painted a picture of a present-day apocalyptic society controlled by a higher power that should not be in power(politicians, clinicians,etc.). The line about the flu outbreak really resonated with a personal belief of mine though. I’m wondering to myself if ANY other person can see a developing trend in these “outbreaks” that have occurred within the past few years. For example, nobody seems to remember the Mad Cow Disease or the Avian Flu for that matter. It seems as though Animal Farm has come to life….I predict that the next major widespread diagnosis will be Horse Malaria(lol). No I’m kidding, but think about it though.

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