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[MSC Public Feature]- Mustafa Abubaker February 14, 2010

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Mustafa Abubaker is a MSC Follower who is only 16 Years Old and has his first published book ‘The Surrogate’ now out. Now THAT Is Making ‘SMART’ Cool!

Mustafa Abubaker at a Book Signing event for 'The Surrogate'.

Hope and salvation can come from unexpected places…
A young aspiring writer’s world crashes with the subsequent deaths of his father and the wife who filled his whole world. Wretched, dreams of a happy life ruptured, Faraz returns to Pakistan to escape his inconsolable losses. There, Faraz visits an orphanage, hoping of someone to fill the void. A pair of startling green eyes obtains his attention immediately, glittering emeralds that reminded of his wife. Right away, Faraz adopts Fahad as his son, and a smile returned to his face once more. Embarking on their new lives as father and son, Faraz and Fahad clung to each other, happy and grateful to have a family, to have someone to love. Life seemed to take on an almost normal course, even as Faraz unwaveringly keeps alive his wife’s memory. But as Fahad slowly becomes a man, their differences soon become apparent, opposing forces that may never reconcile. Will love be strong enough to keep their family intact? Or will imprudent decisions fracture the very thing that has renewed meaning in their lives? In The Surrogate, budding writer Mustafa Abubaker deftly weaves a powerful, emotive story of the pains and joys of living, the unpredictability of life, and the resilience of a love that rests and finds its strength in the family—surrogate or not.


Mustafa Abubaker was born in New York City in July 1993. He has lived in Georgia for most of his life. He is a high school student at Woodward Academy and is currently a junior. He enjoys sleeping, writing, thinking outside the box and music. He resides in Atlanta with his younger brother Saad and parents Dr. Mohammed & Roohi Abubaker.

Mustafa’s book ‘The Surrogate’ can be purchased here.


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