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Thinking Back March 1, 2010

Posted by MakeSmartCool in Uncategorized.

A few months ago, Prince Ea came out with this video, which inspired many and started up this site. It’s still incredible to listen to the lyrics and thought Prince Ea has put in this video.



1. Steve - March 1, 2010

What’s good Prince EA,

Nice free style and I like the way you doin’ your thing. I wanted to comment about that video you made about Waka Flaka Flames on WSHH. I didn’t post on WSHH’s site, because there are a lot of ignorant people that leave stupid comments. I grew up on Rap/Hip hop and in my favorites of all time, Run-DMC tops the list and I’m from Miami, Fl. Your post on WSHH reminded me of Ice T when he attacked Soldier Boy. I don’t listen to or buy Soldier Boy’s music, but I’m glad Soldier Boy is doing his thing and Ice T was wrong. I never heard a song from Waka, but the way he took the high road with Method Man, he has to be commended. Method Man is a good artist and I have some of his music, but he was wrong also. My point is you seem like a good dude that I can be a fan of, but that video you did, even though you said it’s only about what he said pertaining to your craft that you respect, you really didn’t do much to open my eyes to your point. You used his name quite a few times, so to me it indicates that there is more to him just making a comment that sounded disrepectful to your craft. Stay up.

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