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[VLOG] Prince Ea Responds to Wacka Flocka Flame March 2, 2010

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Check out the World Star Hip-Hop link here.

What are your thoughts on these points?



1. Rob - March 5, 2010

Amen kid. I’m actually upset i didn’t see that interview until now, but then again I’m sure i don’t stay nearly as informed as you EA. Also comments like his are part of the reasons i don’t dig. Hearing that would have set me off for an undetermined length of time, more than likely months lol. At any rate your right kid and i agree with pretty much everything you said in your VLOG, its similar to what I often find myself ranting.

Bottom line is that the current state of hip hop, and it’s acceptance, is directly related to the masses lack of understanding pertaining to, hip hops origins and intended craft direction, current status’ margin of error by comparison, and overall lack of care for the future of a genre whose degradation continues to go unnoticed on a large scale, due to avarice and the constant bombardment of a mind numbing severance (unaware unenlightened unintelligent unskilled music i.e. most current commercial hip hop).

Ok im done ranting for now.

P.S. Yo EA and everyone here actually make sure u Cop that new Canibus Album “Melatonin Magik”, if you haven’t already.

2. Maine - March 5, 2010

who cares about where the current state of hip hop is. It seems like the only people who have a problem are these lame ass rappers from the north like this lame in the video. he says he is from st. louis but the midwest dont talk like dat. I mean bruh you’re hating on a rapper that is underground because he makin money. i’m from the southside of da A and Waka been out but u mad cuz some unkown guy to you g really has the streets behind him…. that’s why he doin shows. It aint about wats wrong with hip hop, it’s about why this lame is signed to a major label and nobody knows you. look at you get yo money right and buy some swagg. For real shawty and i bet you wont say all dat sneak dissin shit to his face……LAME ASS N_____!!!!!

Rob - March 5, 2010

Lmao what a scrub. Im from Kentucky Did Highschool in IN but was raised in Queensbridge NY and would gladly bring more than a comment to anyones face whos askin…can’t speak for EA but im almost certain he would too. Though i grew up in NY my fam is from the midwest and having spent some years there i think i understand it very well…not much to catch on to. Also i have friends who rap there on both sides of the content spectrum just for the record. But instead of de-railing the convo further ill recap by saying EA clearly expressed what his problem was and it wasn’t cuz wakas getin cake. He clearly stated he had a prblem with what waka said, just like i have a problem with what you said. You a fanboi? You sound like one. Or perhaps we could talk about the fact you came to this “lame ass rappers” movement page, spent time watching his vid and posted? You choose. You’re a clear example of whats wrong in hip hop and more than likely a large part of the world. Your first sentence “who cares about the current state of hip hop”….srsly? You’re a tool son, read a book.

Maine - March 8, 2010

Look Rob you say I sound like a fanboi, but you sound like you are one of Princess EA’s “BFFs”….I’m not here to go back and forth with you by any means. The only reason I came upon this website is because there was a link to it from another website i usually frequent. Obviously you are a true hip-hop fan….Personally I don’t care for the break dancing and other things besides rap that constitutes the “hip-hop” culture. And let me clarify where I stand on this point because I may have came off as ignorant and angry. Although I do get angry, I am far from ignorant….I know about “the machine” and how the only kind of rap music that the industry is willing to support financially is the kind that glorifies sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. My point about Wacka was that he isn’t ignorant of this either but he knows what sells and what doesn’t…..I mean we can get real deep into the real problem with hip-hop for example Illuminati. And when it comes to Rhymefest(another lame rapper), comment about eminem having more money as an example of a “dictionary” rapper who is successful, Eminem spent over half his career rapping about drug abuse, killing his mom his ex-girlfriend who he was obsessed with, raping kids all types of B.S. that of course he gets a pass for cause he says it so “lyrically.” I personally feel that the people you may feel is a good leader for hip-hop are the ones who are the problem, Jay-z, Kanye, P. Diddy, all these people sold their souls to Illuminati for the fortune and fame that they have. look up Professor Griff(former member of Public Enemy), Dr. York, and Prodigy(member of Mobb Deep), who will enlighten you on why hip-hop is really the way it is. But besides all that here is some food for thought. There is a difference between being able to rap and being able to make good music. I mean if you just wanna rap and enlighten the masses for free why sign your life away to a major label. Think about it, why is it that only the broke, lame, no style, lyrically gifted rappers such as Princess EA(who I don’t even know if he can rap worth anything) and Rhymefest(heard his music and it sucks) are the only ones who have the free time to go out they way and speak about an underground mixtape rapper, maybe it’s because Princess EA never gets invited to do interviews. Do you really think that Eminen, Kanye, or Jay-Z really cares enough to respond……Hell No, because they can turn their lyrical talent into good music that we all would want 2 hear and are very RICH!!!

3. Angel - March 7, 2010

“Your a tool son” Hahah funny.

Maine - March 8, 2010

Wow, Tool isn’t a term that we use towards anything that would mean anythin significant to me….I mean I thought only girls say that about guys…..

4. Kelvin - June 25, 2010

Im Realy feeling where ur coming from EA. Ur Totally right, if hiphop keeps racing down the street that it is in ….all i can say is that who are we to say we wont b sayin hip hop is dead later on. The “Game” as alot of artist call is is being raped by the goverment. Most of the the songs that come out r songs dealing with sex, drugs, violence, and mainly money. Made to confusee us and lean us through a path of wrong. It Is hard to adress a song that is not dealing with one or all of the topics above. I am sad that the real artist who have real talent have to go through this so called “Game” . If u ask me the Game is not being played by the artist, its the other way around. It is important that we support our independent artist so that we wont drive them into hooking up with a record label to get the Big Break. Major record labels minipualte the artist into thinking something that isisnt truee. Instead of making intellegent music we get bullcrap. What eva happened to songs like MY Philosophy? Artist that stay out of the game and produce their music through their own means r the real artist. Pleople like 2Pac whos last album if u ask me was the most influential peace of work that he came up with. Nothing of that album was edited it was all his from the heart and his own record label. Bottom line is that we must fight this force that is not only affecting our music but also the media the news we see and everything around us. As 2Pac Said….KILLUMINATI TO YOURE BODY WITH THE IMPACT OF A 12
GUAGE SHOTY. Fight the system

5. Michael Garza - July 18, 2010

Ea,i know what you mean im in high school and im trying to rap lryical and im proud to say im sticking to it but all these kids wanna hear is about the Drugs,money and just irrelevant rhymes..stupid rhymes like “got so much green weed look like a million bucks” kome on what is that..that aint rap..quick example, i wrote and made a track about my almost born son put my situation into the pen nd wen people pass that up for sum pre kinder rhymes…..Now i know thats someting wrong.. .I jus had to say i feel like a agree with this video 100% bro.

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