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More Opened Doors March 9, 2010

Posted by MakeSmartCool in Uncategorized.

Fabolous speaks on Waka Flocka Flames Comments on ‘Lyrical Artists’.

Has Prince Ea opened light for others rappers to express their thoughts on inappropriate comments?



1. Maine - March 9, 2010

This site is a joke….I mean the title of this video is “More Opened Doors”….Whoever runs this website must be some lame ass world of warcraft playing Star Trek dressin up ass n!gga, who is really tryin to make it seem like everybody is teaming up with Princess EAs p@ssy ass. Before lyrics or non lyrics comes real and fake…So Fab aint no fake fagg@t @ss dude who tryin to diss on the internet. He came real spoke the truth and still showed Wacka respect cuz Fab real, Wacka real and real recognize real….At the end of the day there isn’t no I’m a lyrical artist club like this joke ass website is trying to start….Fab wouldn’t hang with Princess EA’s bitch ass anyway, regardless, or do a song with him for that matter. Yall lame ass rappers making beats without bass that’s wat yo problem is, didn’t Dipset have a song about that? Rhymefest this dude look like the average crackhead that walks aroud downtown Atlanta, Princess he looks like he use to get punked in class growing up….I mean a website full of lames…PRICELESS!

2. Rob - March 11, 2010

Lmao…Don’t ever try to come correct again. You continue to show how ignorant you are. By the way what are you still doin on this site? You sound like you’re waka. Fab didn’t really say anything or show any respect that EA didn’t. Lol you’re such a scrub.

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