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The Adventures of Bobby Ray May 3, 2010

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The Adventures Of Bobby Ray

In Stores NOW!!

Please support B.o.B aka Bobby Ray.. He’s one of the few artists that are truly talented.. His music goes beyond speaking on cars and women..

Bobby Ray is a hip-hop artist, singer, producer and plays numerous instruments!!



1. Ayyyyyyy - May 16, 2010

Fuck B.O.B and his singing ass R & B hip-hop. I’m not down with all that bullshit.

Herb - June 6, 2010

dude. if ur talkin about the B.O.B’s radio song “nothin on you,” yea, he is way more incredible than that. i thought he sucked bcuz of that song but then i looked him up.

2. Novocastre - June 15, 2010

Yea, B.o.B. is great, I recommend you guys to BUY his shit. Clean tracks and beats, I like it very much. His rap skills are awsome, nice flows, check it out! 😉

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