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Prince Ea X Remy’D Respond to Cassidy July 3, 2010

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1. Rob S - July 4, 2010

THATS WTF IM TALKING ABOUT SON! Keep it going! Much love to both of yall.Tight as tight can get.

2. calvo - July 17, 2010

pause that last part of the previous comment. shouts out to joebuddentv.com WE UP!

3. lyricistible - July 21, 2010

thats some crazy barsssssss.. hopfully th industry let u guys in, with this conscious rap

4. Mira - July 23, 2010

This is sick as hell. Nothing more can be said.

5. bean sagof - November 14, 2010

not all bad, but take it from someone else who’s been trying to make smart cool for some years: self-righteous ire is going to both expand and subsequently limit your appeal due to its tendency to incite hatred. then when simple people blame the smart movement for it, that’s going to hurt everyone. do your thing, but if some sort of brotherly love or comradery doesn’t underlie it, then it’s going to spoil, in my experience.

on another making smart cool note i just found out that bad religion’s lead singer teaches biology at UCLA: picked up a phd in his spare time (discover magazine’s dec. issue, where i also found out about this blog.)

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