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Prince EA

Hailing from St. Louis Missouri, Underground rapper Prince Ea has a sound and style unlike most artists currently coming out from the Midwest. He combines thought provoking verses with wittiness, humor, passion and hard hitting Punch-lines. The result is nothing short of remarkable and legendary. From his Youtube videos, with millions of hits, Prince Ea has developed a loyal internet fan base. In late 2008 Prince Ea recorded a video of himself spitting 70 bars and entered it into VIBE Magazine’s contest “VIBE VERSES.” A few months later, Ea was declared the VIBE Verses GRAND CHAMPION and was awarded $5000 in music recording equipment along with a Full Page Article in the VIBE Magazine (Value: $50,000). As Prince Ea’s buzz continues to spread like wildfire, many have claimed that “Bar for Bar” Prince Ea quite possibly may be the Best rapper to come out in decades.

Prince Ea

In a hip-hop music scene overrun with songs about “Poppin’ Champagne” and the latest “dance” craze. Prince Ea stresses his opinions on topics ranging from what goes on in the streets and ghettoes across America, to governmental wrongdoings, scientific theory, religious institutions, to the current State of Hip Hop. One Word “Substance”.

Prince Ea sets forth to be recognized in the same breath as Jay-Z, BIG, Big L, Eminem and NAS all while staying true to himself. He plans on enlightening the masses through hip-hop, as well as resurrecting the art form in general—bringing back the true, pure and unique state that once characterized it.

In late 2008 Prince Ea released “The Adolescence” Mixtape on the internet and Myspace for free download. His next Mixtape “This is not a Mixtape” will be released summer 09’ and is guaranteed to be something worth listening to!!

Download The Adolescence Mixtape here.

Visit and Subscribe to Prince Ea’s official Youtube here.

The Deepest Rapper Alive.

Remember to check out all of Prince Ea downloads here.


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[…] 2009, VIBE magazine declared him Vibe Verses GRAND CHAMPION, and received a full page article in Vibe’s […]

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